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Way Hoyt  Arborist -Horticulturist



Tree Arborist Consultation Services 

 South Florida 33334

Taking Your Tree Care to the Next Level

Our certified arborist provides expert tree consultations to help you with all your tree care needs. 

Tree Consultations

At C. Way Hoyt, Arborist-Consulting Services, we offer professional tree consultations.

Way Hoyt has a degree in horticulture and specializes in trees and palms. Way is ISA Certified (SO 0104) and is a Registered Consulting Arborist (ASCA, RCA # 288), a State of Florida Certified Pest Control Operator

(# JF 5920) &

a Certified Landscape Inspector # 2007-068.


  • As a Certified Arborist Way Hoyt provides numerous services, including:

  • Tree protection

  • Nursery and tree appraisals

  • Expert witness

  • Insect and disease management

  • Municipal ordinance development

  • Tree risk surveys

  • Tree planting programs

  • Tree inventories

Our Service includes

  • Diagnose Health and structural problems.

  • Help with insurance claims

  • Help with permitting for pruning or removals.

  • Evaluate potential tree hazards.

  • Identify insect infestations.

  • Check for diseases.

  • Offer tree preservation advice.

  • Analyze soil health.

  • And so much more!


  We will provide a       professional written   report.

 Our goal is to develop a   plan to manage your   trees..

We work with  

  • Homeowners

  • Homeowner Associations

  • Municipalities

  • Community Managers 

  • Landscape architects, engineers, and developers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Tree Service Providers

Expert Tree Care Consultants

At Arborist Consulting Services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality tree care services to our clients. With over 45 years of experience and a certified arborist, we offer professional estimates and advice in all trees matters in South Florida.

Our mission is to help our clients maintain healthy, beautiful trees that enhance their property and the surrounding environment.

Way has provided expert testimony in over 100 cases.


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       ABOUT US

Arborist Educational Services


Way Hoyt offers Exam Preparation Courses For The International Society for Arboriculture.

Way has an AS Degree in Landscape Technology.

He has taken courses in Arboriculture, plant pathology, palm culture, turf grass care and maintenance , tropical entomology and pest control, nursery practices , and several horticultural courses.

He also enjoys woodworking and does custom milling-recycling logs destined for the landfill into beautiful lumber.


Dr. George Fitzpatrick  

Dr. Fitzpatrick has retired from the University of Florida, where he taught for more than 30 yrs.

Credentials include:

  • B.A/M.A. College of New Jersey, Trenton, NJ

  • PH.D. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

  • Certified Professional Horticulturist ASHS

  • He has taught courses at the University of Florida, University of the Virgin Islands, University of Costa Rica, Mississippi State University.

  •  He has authored/co-authored 5 Books.

  • He has consulted with the Commonwealth of Dominica, St. Lucia, Paraguay, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Jamaica, collecting materials and and advising on care of plants/trees

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"Arborist Consulting Services provided me with excellent advice on how to care for my trees. Their certified arborist is knowledgeable and professional."

John Smith Happy Customer




Pam Munsey

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Way was able to provide professional advice about my orange Geiger tree and also helped me to obtain permits for the removal of several Coconut trees.

Steve Hamilton July 15, 2023

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Way was very helpful in resolving tree trimming issues. He has long time relations with county and other arborists. Also a plus, he's friendly and down to earth. 

Tony M

The palm tree in our front yard was having an issue with rot around the base. We had moved into the house two years ago and there was existing damage. I made an appointment for a consultation to see what could be done for the palm tree. Way Hoyt came out to take a look. He arrived on time and was extremely knowledgeable. He informed me that the damage was caused by weed eaters. He informed me that eventually the tree will need to be removed. Way provided me with details on how to take care of our other giant palm in our backyard to prevent it from having the same issue, what fertilizer to use, and what water schedule to set up for our entire yard. His rate is very reasonable for the sage advice he was able to provide me concerning the care of our palms and additional landscaping. Thank you, Way, for all the advice! I would highly recommend Way for a consultation about any tree issues you may be experiencing!

Donna Watson May 29th, 2020

 Way is simply the smartest man for anything in the ground there is. can't say more than that. tree trimming, anything fungus or diseases in the trees and plants he knows !!!!! Use him, Trust him, whatever he says it is, it is. 

Amanda Rosas-May 12th, 2020

 Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness 

Don Smith Apr 16th, 2020

 The best 

Kris Ratliff Jun 29th, 2020

 Awesome guy great company 

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Arborist Consulting Services

566 NE 42nd Court

Oakland Park, FL 33334 

Tel 954-561-9527

Cell 954-825-3000


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